Labour’s new Clean Air Act

The Conservatives have made a lot of broken promises over the years, a clear example being their environmental policy. Their response to climate change, pollution and over-farming and fishing has been largely non-existent.

As a result of Conservative MPs’ unwillingness to take on the main pollutants of our towns and cities, which are believed to be responsible for 40,000 premature deaths a year, the government has even been taken to court and ordered to take action. We all know this government cannot be relied on to keep promises or take responsibility on such crucial issues as air quality.

This issue is very close to me, living in Horsforth and within sight of both the A65 and ring road. As many of us are aware, the traffic around the Horsforth roundabout is extremely heavy. The Conservatives have done nothing while local people, through no fault of their own, breathe in air polluted by government inaction.

As Labour MP, I will see the Clean Air Act passed. This will deal with and take action on the Conservative’s legacy of illegal air quality. We will look into environmentally-friendly cars, invest in public transport, and undertake extensive research into improving our air quality.

Vote Ian McCargo for a healthier, happier constituency.

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