Labour will protect your dignity and your family

You will have heard the press talk about the Conservatives’ ‘dementia tax’. But what does this proposal actually mean for you and your family?

The situation now

If you own over £23,250 in assets, you are required to pay for your own social care. Crucially, if you are cared for at home, your house is not included as part of your assets.

What will change?

The Conservatives plan to include your house as part of your assets eligible to pay for care, if it is worth over £100,000. As yet, no cap has been announced on how much of your savings you will be obliged to spend.

Will I lose my house immediately?

You will have the right to stay in your own house until the time of your death, when it will be taken, either by the council, or if you have insured it, the insurance company. If this isn’t enough, your family will then lose more money through the interest racked up between your death and the sale of your home.

The national insurance and taxes you have paid throughout your working life, the house you were planning on leaving for your children and grandchildren, will come to nothing if this tax is introduced.

Labour will build a new National Care Service. We will also set out the funding alternatives clearly and honestly, seeking to implement change through consensus. Providing dignity and care in old age should transcend party politics and campaign slogans.

Ian and the Co-operative Party also want to see much more social care provision being delivered by co-operatives and mutuals.

Protect your family. Protect your dignity. Vote Labour and Co-operative.

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