Labour is committed to keeping Britain safe

Theresa May’s record

The shocking events of the past few weeks have brought to light some of the consequences of Theresa May’s ruthless cuts to the police force during her time as Home Secretary.  Don’t just take it from us. This week, senior police officers have condemned Mrs May’s cuts and traced the line between reduced police numbers and the failure to prevent horrific acts of terrorism on our streets. The terrible effects of Mrs May’s choices have reached such a level that the leader of the Labour Party yesterday asked the Prime minister to accept responsibility and resign.


A Labour government will strengthen, not weaken our security forces

Austerity has many victims. When public servants like police officers and firefighters are made redundant, the safety and security of our communities is compromised. Pudsey is no exception and as a local candidate living in Horsforth and with children at local schools, I am deeply concerned over the consequences of these cuts. This is why, as Labour and Co-Operative candidate, I am committed to increasing the numbers of police offers on our street (10,000 more nationally) and firefighters in our communities (3,000 more nationally).


Committed to preventing terrorism 

As we all know, terrorist attacks are the result of planning by networks of people both in Britain and abroad. It is the job of our intelligence services and border control to prevent these plans ever reaching the stage where action is taken. I am determined to do my bit to keep our communities safe from terrorist attacks, and am fully behind Labour’s plans to train 1,000 more security and intelligence staff, and 500 more border guards.


A new approach to foreign policy

We all know the world is an extremely complicated and dangerous place. We have a responsibility as a leading world power to help reduce that danger.  That won’t happen by using simplistic slogans or moaning at the margins. We need real action both at home and abroad, to tackle the root causes of terrorism and its effects.

As Jeremy Corbyn has correctly pointed out, Theresa May and her Conservative government have completely failed to face up to the scale of this challenge and we are starting to see the consequences. Their flawed approach would leave Britain in danger of more terrorist attacks.

Under Labour, Britain will lead the way in a new era of conflict resolution underpinned by dialogue and diplomacy. We will work with diverse ethnic and faith communities, all of civic society in Britain, and the international community to secure peace and reconciliation.

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