A happier, more secure workforce is a more productive workforce

Did you know, the UK is the only country in the developed world where worker’s wages are declining in real times, while the economy is actually growing?

The Tory government has given employers an easy ride. Corporation tax is currently at 17%. This is well below the European average and even lower than in Trump’s America.

The Labour Party pledges to increase the minimum wage for all workers over 18 to £10 an hour. This will benefit the economy not only in increasing the spending power of average people, but will ease pressure on the public purse by getting rid of the need for in-work benefits.

This policy is designed to force big employers into paying a fair wage. Small and upcoming businesses will not be forced to pay what they cannot afford, but will be able to join a small business pathway, which with investment from the pledged National Investment Bank, will enable every employer to pay and every worker to receive the national minimum wage.

Hundreds of employers have already signed up to the £10 Living Wage (with help from and inspired by the Living Wage Foundation – nothing to do with the government). Many of these employers have reported significant improvements in staff retention, productivity and motivation.

Working people’s wages are 10% lower than they were in 2007 and under the Tories the problem of low pay has continued. The Tories have failed to ‘reward work’, instead nearly 6 million are in jobs that pay less than the Living Wage and millions are on temporary contracts, crack down on false self employment and do not have regular working hours.

The Tories are letting the working people of Britain down. Too many face low pay, insecurity and poor conditions in the workplace.

Only a Labour Government will stand up for you. Labour will raise the minimum wage of £10 for EVERYONE over the age of 18, ban zero-hour contracts and protect workers’ rights. A Labour Government will build workplaces fit for the future.

Labour was founded by working people over a century ago and we continue to be the only Party who will stand up for working people and build a fairer economy. Under the Tories, having a secure job has become much less certain and that’s a worry when you have to pay your rent or mortgage. 4.5 million people in England and Wales are in insecure work where they don’t have regular hours or predictable shifts and 1.4 million people are on temporary contracts.

Often those at the top earn very high wages, whilst six million working people are left earning less than the living wage. Millions of people can’t get the extra hours they need to earn enough to pay their bills. The Tories promised to ‘reward work’ but the truth is that for many of us, wages have fallen and we are working longer hours than ever before.

Labour’s Workplace 2020 is our biggest ever conversation with the working people of Britain and it’s well under way. Hundreds of people have had their say at meetings held across Britain. Thousands more have used our website to tell us about their experiences of working life and what they think needs to change in 2020.  We want to hear from workers and employers.

Workplace 2020 is about having your say, speaking truth to politicians throughout the Labour Party and working together to give working people the deal they deserve, based on the real challenges faced in Britain’s workplaces in 2017. 

We want to hear from great employers too – about how we can work together to promote good practice and raise standards across the board.


A happier, more secure workforce is a more productive workforce. We want to ensure that employers that don’t play by the rules – like BHS and Sports Direct – aren’t allowed to get away with it.

But we can only make this happen if YOU Vote Labour and Co-operative on June 8th.

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