A Conservative future is not a bright one for Pudsey Constituency pensioners

A Conservative government will:

-Ditch the ‘triple lock’, meaning state pensions will no longer  rise by 2.5% a year, or in line with inflation or the average wage. 

– End winter-fuel allowance for all pensioners, replacing it with a means-tested system

– Continue to increase the state pension age, with no consideration for different types of work.

I value the huge contributions pensioners have made during their working lives, and still make to the community around them. As a Labour and Co-operative MP, I will protect the triple lock and give pensioners the financial security they deserve.

I believe that being warm enough in your own home is a basic human right, not a benefit, and should be treated as such by law. That is why, with me as MP, the winter fuel allowance will be available to all pensioners in Pudsey.

Labour will treat workers with the respect they deserve and develop a flexible retirement age policy, which reflects that some more physical jobs simply cannot be done by those in their 60s.

With your vote, I will bring back security and dignity for the pensioners of our constituency.

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