This election comes at a critical time for people in Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough. Our schools are in crisis. Our hospitals, social care and mental health services are creaking. Our young people are struggling with increasing debt and housing costs. This is Tory Britain.

I’ve worked and lived in this constituency for many years with my wife, daughter and young sons. I understand the struggles facing local families. As a dad and project manager for a major employer in the constituency, I have experienced big challenges.

Our area won great improvements to the NHS, schools, police and transport when we had a Labour MP. Labour and Co-operative action rather than Conservative cuts and slogans can once again address the challenges confronting our community.

I ask for your support to build a fairer future.

Ian McCargo

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A happier, more secure workforce is a more productive workforce

Did you know, the UK is the only country in the developed world where worker’s wages are declining in real times, while the economy is actually growing? The Tory government has given employers an easy ride. Corporation tax is currently at 17%. …
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Every child has a right to an excellent education

For too long, where a child lives or how much their parents earn has determined the quality of their schooling. A Labour government will prioritise our long-neglected schools and education services. Halting the record-breaking Corporation Tax cuts, it will use …
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Labour will protect your dignity and your family

You will have heard the press talk about the Conservatives’ ‘dementia tax’. But what does this proposal actually mean for you and your family? The situation now If you own over £23,250 in assets, you are required to pay for …
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A Conservative future is not a bright one for Pudsey Constituency pensioners

A Conservative government will: -Ditch the ‘triple lock’, meaning state pensions will no longer  rise by 2.5% a year, or in line with inflation or the average wage.  – End winter-fuel allowance for all pensioners, replacing it with a means-tested …
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Labour is committed to keeping Britain safe

The shocking events of the past few weeks have brought to light some of the consequences of Theresa May’s ruthless cuts to the police force during her time as Home Secretary. Don’t just take it from us. This week, senior police officers have condemned Mrs May’s cuts and traced the line between reduced police numbers and the failure to prevent horrific acts of terrorism on our streets. The terrible effects of Mrs May’s choices have reached such a level that the leader of the Labour Party yesterday asked the Prime minister to accept responsibility and resign.
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Labour’s new Clean Air Act

The Conservatives have made a lot of broken promises over the years, a clear example being their environmental policy. Their response to climate change, pollution and over-farming and fishing has been largely non-existent.
As a result of Conservative MPs’ unwillingness to take on the main pollutants of our towns and cities, which are believed to be responsible for 40,000 premature deaths a year, the government has even been taken to court and ordered to take action. We all know this government cannot be relied on to keep promises or take responsibility on such crucial issues as air quality.
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This election represents a real choice about our future

Share our video and vote Ian McCargo on 8th June

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Voting for the Labour Party is your best defence against Green Belt development

Our area is defined by its Green Belt and the beautiful landscapes from which we all benefit. This could soon be lost forever and I share the anger and consternation of the residents.

I believe passionately that the Green Belt must be preserved, as does the Labour Party. Our best chance to save our Green Belt it is to elect a Labour government that will reform the law to put more control back with communities. I have always believed that the Leeds housing target is excessive, should be reduced significantly and that Green Belt should be removed from the housing plans.

Vote Ian McCargo to put communities at the heart of the planning process, not the disposal end of it.
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Tory cuts to education are impacting on every school in Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough

My own children attend the brilliant Broadgate Primary in Horsforth but cuts mean that every child there will lose £361 in annual funding by 2019.

These cuts were not mentioned in the last Conservative manifesto. Labour promise to invest an additional £20 billion over the next five years. We will sort out this funding mess and make Britain’s schools fit for purpose.

Find out how much your school stands to lose at
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Our public transport system is letting residents down!

Roads in our area are at breaking point. Adding to this, I have heard from many residents who have resorted to driving into Leeds or Bradford because they can’t be assured of getting to work on time on the bus.

We need a public transport system that is fit for purpose to lighten the strain.

Buses linking our area are crucial for local businesses so people don’t have to make unnecessarily long journeys for the essentials.

I will fight for good local bus services connecting our area.
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